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Dosing Scales

We offer standard dosing scales as well as special solutions.

Dosing scales

Options for dosing may be as follows:

  • When during the loading a specified level is reached a relay switches on. This signal could be used to cease the ingredient supply to the scale;
  • In need of a greater productivity it is recommended to use two dosing levels for the same material: the first one - rough dosing with higher flow rates, and second one - fine dosing;
  • Weight monitoring in preset limits (tolerance);
  • With scales BIMCO a multi-dosing function could be performed (e.g. production of animal feed).

All BIMCO Ltd. scales (with a capacity from grams to tons) may have dosing functions.

The scales correspond to the requirements of BDS EN 45501 for III accuracy class.

The dosing scales have EC Type-Approval Certificate.