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Retail Scales

Bimco retail scales are designed to be used on stand.
The measured mass (weight) is shown with double digital display - both for the seller and for the buyer.

The retail scales correspond to the requirements of BDS EN 45501 for III accuracy class.

The scales have EC Type-Approval Certificate.


Model Maximum load /kg/ Division /g/ Platform size /mm/ Construction type Dimensions /mm/
В3 3 1 140х202 L3 240х200х120
В3 3 1 250х300 L10 350х300х130
В6 6 2 250х300 L10 350х300х130
В10 10 5 250х300 L10 350х300х130
В15 15 5 250х300 L10 350х300х130


These instruments are suitable for kitchen use and restaurants because they can be tared repeatedly. The function allows consistent measurement of different products (cheese, ham, etc.) in a recipe. The indication is reset before mounting any product which allows to take into account only the product's weight.

The scale is powered by an adapter 220 V / 12V. It is able to work on a storage supply from 12 V up to 12 hours intensive work.

Model Maximum load /kg/ Division /g/ Platform size /mm/ Construction type Dimensions /mm/
В6 6 2 195х230 L15 315х230х90
В15 15 5 195х230 L15 315х230х90





These scales are powered by an AC adapter (12V/500mA) or could work on a Built-in rechargeable battery (6v/4Ah) that provides up to 70h work time.



Application programs include: Price computing, preset tare, accumulation, unit conversion. They have 10 Sets PLU, all easily adjustable via the built-in keyboard and the 3 X Front and rear Displays.


The Displays are 20mm LCD and each is backlighted. The scales are with RS232 standard outputs, that are compatible with selectable erc (cash register) outputs.

Model Maximum load /kg/ Division /g/ Platform size /mm/ Dimensions /mm/
T28 - 25 MR - D 25 5/10 190x230 243x239x157
QTP 15 MR 15 2/5 230x300 320x330x125
QSP 15 2/5 230x300 315x408x537